Things I've made trying to put my dent in the universe.

I’ve worked on many projects over the years. Below is a selection of them which you might find interesting. Many of them are open-source, so if you see something of interest, check out the code and contribute if you have ideas for how it can be improved.

Current Projects

These are the projects that I'm actively giving attention to when I'm able to do so.

  • Composer Patches

    A simple plugin that allows users to apply patches to their Composer dependencies. Downloaded nearly 50 million times and counting.

  • Dotfiles

    My environment configuration for any workstation (as long as it’s a Mac).

  • Awesome DIY Software

    A list of project- or tutorial-based learning where the reader builds a piece of software from beginning to end.

  • Documentation Portal

    A website for hosting the documentation for my various open-source projects.

Past Projects

I'm not working on these anymore (or very infrequently), but I spent a lot of time on them and you might find some of them interesting.

  • Aegir

    An open-source hosting system for Drupal websites and more, used heavily by NASA and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

  • Chip8 Emulator

    A simple (partial) emulator for the Chip8 architecture written in Go.

  • Comparinator

    Dead-simple visual regression testing for websites. BYOW (bring your own WebDriver).

  • Complex Field

    A proof-of-concept for a longstanding Drupal issue to provide “fieldable fields”.

  • Composer Configurable Plugin

    A library for Composer plugin authors to handle configuration in a predictable way.

  • ddev

    A fast, simple, docker-based local development environment for Drupal, Wordpress, and more.

  • ddev-mutagen

    My attempt at fixing the chronic Docker for Mac performance problems for ddev users.

  • Laminar Webform

    Configurable, parameterized builds through a web interface for Laminar CI.

  • – you know the one. It’s the agency with the spaceships.

  • Phone

    A Drupal module providing localized phone number input, validation, and formatting based on Google’s libphonenumber.

  • SAML Authentication

    A Drupal module that provides SAML authentication capabilities in a simple, efficient way.

  • Semantic UI Laminar Theme

    A proof-of-concept theme for the custom UI theme functionality that I contributed to Laminar CI.

  • Spam Detect

    A set of Drupal modules that can analyze text (mostly comments) to determine whether or not they are spammy.


    While working at Agile Six, my primary responsibility was working on I spent a lot of time on devops-related things.