I'm Cameron Eagans, an experienced engineering leader and full-stack software engineer based in Meridian, Idaho.

I’ve loved making things for as long as I can remember. At 11 years old, my dad taught me enough Visual Basic to write a simple calculator and I was immediately hooked. I’ve always been a curious person, and that curiosity has led me down many paths over the years. Alongside my interest in programming, I also found myself interested in electronics and volunteer work. This led to getting my amateur radio license, which I later used to help local elementary schools contact the International Space Station.

Today, I am a technical leader and full-stack software engineer with over 15 years of experience. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with the State Department, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, American Federation of Teachers, ACLU, Intel, NBCUniversal, NASA, NOAA, and other organizations. My open source projects have been downloaded nearly 50 million times, and I’ve contributed to many, many others. A selection of my work can be found on my Projects page.

Outside of work, I still enjoy tinkering with electronics, but I’ve also found an interest in woodworking and playing music (piano, guitar, drums, and bass).