Seeking feedback on the dev version of Composer Patches

Composer Patches 2.0.0 is rapidly approaching and I need some feedback from the community on some of the recent changes that I’ve made. I’m hoping to identify any showstopper bugs/behaviors that need to be addressed prior to a 2.0.0 release. If you have an hour or two in the next week or so, I’m specifically looking for feedback on the following:

  • The new project documentation
  • Removal of dependency patch resolution — the functionality that looks through all imported dependencies and applies patches that are specified in their composer.json. This functionality may be added again through a separate, standalone plugin that extends Composer Patches.
  • Removal of all use of patch (of any variant) in favor of using Git for all patches. In cases where the patched target is not a git checkout, a “fake” git repo is temporarily created in the target directory so that git apply will cooperate.
  • The “freeform” patcher included with the core plugin that allows you to run arbitrary commands to apply patches to your dependencies.

To test this, I need you to temporarily upgrade your project to dev-main, review the documentation for any specific configuration needed for your project (should be minimal for most projects), and see if patches are applied properly to your project. Please do not permanently upgrade to dev-main at this point.

These instructions are somewhat vague because many projects have different ways of using the plugin. If you run into any problems or you’re not sure what to do, I will be keeping an eye on GitHub Discussions this week to offer support when needed.